Open To 13 To 18 Years Old Secondary School Students

Participant MUST BE current secondary school student and NOT enrolled into any tertiary level education institutions (colleges, universities). Participants who does not meet above qualification will be automatically disqualified.

All participants who complete and submit artwork to us are entitled to an e-Certificate of Participation.

Round 1 Theme:
Sea Monster / Makhluk Laut / 海洋怪物
Draw and design a sea monster of your imagination. Use the outline given in the entry form to start with.


Artwork Specification:

  • Download and print the template on an A4 size paper.
  • You are allowed to submit only ONE (1) artwork entry.
  • You can use ANY DRAWING TOOLS to complete your artwork EXCEPT DIGITAL DRAWING.
  • Based on the outline given, design a 'sea monster' character according to your art style preference.
  • NOTE:If you have no access to the printer, you may choose to draw according to the theme on an A4 size paper with or without following the outline in template and submit via online.

*Please note that the below are SAMPLES ONLY. The artworks DOES NOT REFLECT exactly the same theme.

Round 1 Submission Deadline: 23 July 2021

After completing your Round 1 artwork, choose an option below for submission:

Option 1: Online Submission

  • Submit your round 1 artwork online at
  • Scan your artwork as .JPG/.JPEG file with file size not exceeding 2MB.
  • If you do not have access to scanner, you may take a proper and clear picture of your artwork or download CamScanner App from Google Playstore / App Store.




  • Shadow cast on artwork / Titled image / Blur image / Too small


Option 2: Courier Artwork

  • Courier your artwork to the address below. Make sure your artwork reach us before the deadline as stated.
  • MALAYSIA TOP10 2021,
    The One Academy,
    Block B4, Leisure Commerce Square,
    No.9, Jalan PJS 8/9,
    46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

  • Shortlisted participants will be contacted via email/SMS to further proceed for Round 2 Competition.

Shortlisted participants will receive invitation to prepare for the Round 2 competition and create their artwork based on the following drawing theme.

Drawing Theme:
Dive into the Unknown / Menyelami Alam Baru

Everyone may have a different interpretation about the 'unknown', there is no right or wrong answer. Express your very own thoughts or wild imagination and lead us into discovering this unknown realm you wish to show! You are free to express your idea in a reality or fantasy setting.

Should you feature any characters in the artwork, make sure that your drawing is original and avoid from replicating existing story characters. (e.g. Minions, Superman, Elsa, etc.).

Setiap orang mempunyai perasaan dan pemikiran yang berbeza mengenai "alam baru". Dengan pemikiran individu atau khayalan yang kaya, bimbingilah kami untuk menemui alam baru yang ingin anda nyatakan! Gambar realistik atau fantasi boleh digunakan.

Sekiranya anda perlu melukis watak, sila pastikan watak tersebut ialah ciptaan asli dan elakkan menggunakan watak cerita lain yang sedia ada. (Contohnya: Minions, Superman, Elsa, dan lain-lain.)

Shortlisted participants will be informed on the Round 2: Final Competition from 1 July to 30 July 2021 via email/SMS.

The official final results announcement will take place in August or September 2021.

The organiser reserves the rights to make any changes to the dates and event mechanism. Any official updates will be informed via email/SMS, please make sure that your email and contact provided above is accurate and stated clearly.